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SkipShowersForBeef.com is a nonprofit organization established during the historic California drought of 2015, aiming to support the beef industry with innovative eco-friendly practices. We aim to advocate water conservation, educate the public on drought awareness, and develop and disperse creative resources that promote environmentally responsible beef consumption. Is it real? You bet it is! Pledge today!

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Waterless Hygiene Guide

Just how does one skip showers? Is it even possible? We’ve put together a collection of practical tips and tricks in our “Waterless Hygiene Guide” to help guide your transition into your new shower-skipping lifestyle.

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Beef to Shower Breakdown

Skip exactly how many showers? We’ve put together this easy “Beef to Shower Breakdown” to help you crunch the numbers.

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Our Message

A Message To California

Our cause has grown to include some very special eco-conscious figures, including Grammy-nominated musician Moby. Check out this thoughtful video piece to find out just why you should join this incredible movement.


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Hundreds have already pledged to do their part. Make a difference, one shower at a time. Become a part of this incredible cause today!

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